Withdrawal Policy


Students wishing to withdraw from WPI should initiate that procedure by consulting the Registrar’s Office.  Any reduction in tuition charges is directly dependent on the date the student officially withdraws and formally files his/her paperwork with the Registrar’s Office.  Course work in progress will result in NR.  If a student wishes to be readmitted after withdrawal, the process is simply that of notifying the Registrar’s Office.  This can be done using the Application for Readmission Form [PDF].  Petition is only necessary if academic standing was that of suspension at time of separation from the university. 


The University makes a substantial financial commitment at the time a course is scheduled for instruction.  However, students who officially withdraw (drop) from a course before the first 10 days of the semester have passed (not including weekends) will receive a refund of 100% of the tuition and fees paid, minus a $100 penalty.  No tuition and fees paid by the student will be refunded after day 10 of the semester.

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