Grad Housing Info

Graduate Housing Timeline

  • March 9 – March 20 - Current Graduate Students in housing sign up to remain in their spaces or move to new spaces  
  • March 23 –March 27 - Inventory of spaces remaining and information sent out to currently housed graduate students that want to change rooms  
  • March 31 - Selection for currently housed graduate student that would like to change rooms  
  • April - July - Information available for all Graduate Students looking for Fall Housing Students can select and commit to Fall Housing  
  • August 1 - 2015/2016 Graduate Housing Contracts begin and students can move in

Step 1: Sign Up for Housing Selection

Sign up for housing selection on StarRez, between March and July.

  • Login to the StarRez Portal
  • On the top of the page click on "Student Housing Application" 
  • Select Graduate Fall 2015
  • Complete sections 1-5 on the application
  • Completing this process will get you signed up to participate in Housing Selection. There is no cost to sign up to participate. You are only charged if you select housing. 

Step 2: Decide Where You Want To Live

Our Graduate Housing options are varied:

  • Apartments within houses
  • Single family houses
  • Salisbury Estates (Single bedroom, Double Bedroom)
  • If you are currently in graduate housing would you like to remain in the same room you have that option.  

You should review our locations to become familiar with the addresses and options. 

Step 3: Select Housing

Housing signups will take place between March through July, depending on if you are new or returning.  How you actually choose your room has changed this year.  We are moving the process online and students will select their own housing.  Our goal in making these changes is to make the process fair for all students while still allowing students to have preference based on address/living environment.  For new students, as you deposit at WPI and fill out your application for housing, you will be able to sign a housing contract and select housing for the next academic year.

  • Login to the StarRez Portal
  • On the top of the page click on "Student Housing Application"
  • Select Graduate Fall 2015. 
  • From here you will now see the option to select housing available to you. 
  • If you are a student returning to graduate housing you will see two options.
    • Renew current room is your opportunity to live in the same room for next year. 
    • Room seach wizard is your opportunity to move to a different room on campus.  Please note that due to limited availability if you are currently in a family/couple space or a Salisbury Estates, double as a single room there will most likely not be any spaces available to change to so your best option is to renew your current room. 
  • If you are a new graduate student or new to graduate housing you will see the option to use the Room Search Wizard to select from available spaces.  

Step 4: Select a Meal Plan


Once you select your housing, you will also have the option to select a Voluntary Meal Plan.  Meal plans are optional, but this is your opportunity to add it to your student account. 

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