Grad Housing Facts

Facts about Graduate Student Housing

How do I apply for the graduate student housing?

New graduate students will receive additional information from the graduate admissions office in late spring.  If you are a current WPI student, please fill out the Application for Graduate Housing and make sure to read over the Graduate Housing Agreement. 

Why can’t I log in to the portal?

Only deposited, enrolled, full-time graduate students can log in and sign up for graduate housing.  If you do not fall in this category, you can email and we may be able to accommodate your housing request, but priority for all of our housing is for graduate students.

How long is the housing contract?

The housing contract is for 10 months: August 1 – May 31st.  

Can I live in Graduate Student Housing for more than 1 year?

By the end of March, occupants will inform Residential Services if they are returning for the next year.  Masters students can live in Graduate Student Housing for 2 years and PHD students can live in the properties for up to 6 years.  PHD students needing to stay longer than 6 years will be allowed to stay as space is available.  Students who renew spaces/choose a new space for the following year and continue their residency are responsible for the rent over the summer.

What is the minimum time I have to live in Graduate Student Housing?

The contract is for 10 months.  There are no early releases.  If a student leaves WPI, the refund schedule will be based on the college refund schedule. 

What are the rules to live in Graduate Student Housing?

Please see the attached Housing Agreement.  Occupants of the graduate properties are subject to the terms and conditions of the housing agreement as well as residential policies and the student code of conduct at WPI.  

Can I choose my roommates?

Students choose their own housing assignments.  If spaces are available in the same housing when you and your desired roommates select, you can choose into the same address.  

Is Graduate Student Housing furnished?

Most spaces have a bed/desk/bureau that is residence hall furniture.  Salisbury Estates has living room/dining room furniture.  Some of the apartments/houses have living room/dining room furniture.  The furniture stays with the unit and will not be removed.  

Are there family housing spaces?

We have very limited space available for married couples and students with children.  Please work with directly and we will accommodate your needs if possible.  These spaces are not chosen through the general housing selection process.  

What is included in my rent?

In neighborhood houses and apartments, all utilities and laundry are included.  Land line telephone/cable TV/internet access are not included.  In Salisbury Estates utilities and land line telephone/cable TV/internet access is included.  Laundry is not included, but is available onsite.

Is there parking available?

There is no onsite parking available in Graduate Student Housing    

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