Housing Selection Process

Step 1:

Sign up for a housing lottery number on bannerweb, (between January 15th- February 12th). Click on "surveys" and fill out the housing survey. This will get you a lottery number to participate in Housing Selection. There is no cost to sign up to participate. You are only charged if you select housing. This year lottery numbers will be distributed by class year. Meaning that Class of 2014/2015 & 5th year grad programs select first, followed by Class of 2016, and then followed by Class of 2017.

Step 2:

Attend a housing info session, table, or tour. We have a lot of offerings feature a lot of valuable information, see the full schedule.

Step 3:

Receive your lottery number on February 18th and make a plan. Talk to friends and decide what options you may want to pursue on selection night, see our upperclass options.  Make sure to think of backup plans that you may be comfortable with. You may "pull" in your friends on the lowest lottery number into a space. Ideally if you sign up as a group you should fill the space, 5 people into a 5 person apartment, 6 people into a 6 person suite, etc. Suites and Apartments may be coed as long as the individual bedrooms remain single gender.

If you do not have a group that is ok, you can either try to find a group at selection night or you can sign up for one of our brand new "Flex Spaces". Flex spaces will be designated as male or female and individuals will fill in the next available bed in that space. Instead of using the groups best number you will use your individual number.

Step 4:

Attend Housing Selection night, and choose an available housing option. We know based on previous years, we will have plenty of space for students that want to particpate in Housing Selection. Sophomores, don't worry, even though you seem to be at the end, we are confident that we will have plenty of configurations available in all of our building types. We have removed class year restrictions that in the past would have prevented sophomores and juniors from selecting spaces in areas such as East and Faraday.

  • Class of 2014/2015, 5th Year, Grads - Arrive in the Odeum by 5:00pm
  • Class of 2016 - Arrive in the Odeum by 6:00pm
  • Class of 2017 (Group 1) - Arrive in the Odeum by 7:00pm
  • Class of 2017 (Group 2) - Arrive in the Odeum by 8:00pm

Housing Selection Proxy Form

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