Housing Selection Facts

#1 - StarRez, our new housing management system allows you to complete housing selection online.

#2 - The meal plan you are eligible for in Founders Hall allows you to eat any of your dinners in the Goats Head Pub and get breakfast/lunch from Outtakes store located in the Founders lobby. It also works in all other on-campus dining locations.

#3 - You are not required to be on a meal plan if you live in Ellsworth, Fuller, East, or Faraday, but it is encouraged to choose a residential or commuter meal plan while living in these areas.

#4 - Upperclass Wellness – you can bypass lottery by applying to live in our upperclass wellness community in Founders Hall.  Wellness is limited, but if selected you will be able to sign up to live with friends or other like minded students on our Wellness floor in Founders Hall.

#5 -Internet service (speed and reliability) on campus is something that is regularly cited as a huge perk from students that choose to move off campus.

#6 - If you live in WPI housing you never have to worry about paying your roommates rent if they bail on you.

#7  Time slots for selection will be assigned by averaging the credits of your group, meaning that Seniors have first preference, however don’t worry Sophomores, there are a number of opportunities to sign up for spaces that will fit groups that are majority sophmore.

#8 - Student satisfaction surveys have shown that students feel much safer living on campus, where card access is required to get into buildings or apartments.

#9 - Res-Services has many opportunites both online and in person for you to find people to fill in your groups.  Make sure to be proactive throughout the process to find the amount of people that fit the space size you would like to live in.

#10: Upperclass Residents will once again enjoy residential parking lots close to their buildings. Faraday residents have a dedicated parking lot adjacent to the building.

#11 - Housing selection will last a whole week to give you more time to adjust and plan if you need to look at back up plans.  .

#12 - With the addition of Faraday and adding our houses into housing selection we have close to 1000 upperclass spaces available on campus, which means if you want housing, there is a very good chance an accomodation you desire will be available to you through the lottery.

#13 – Founders residents enjoy new kitchenettes in their suites. They feature a microwave, refrigerator, counter space, and cabinets.

#14: To participate in housing selection you must sign up on StarRez between December 15th - Januaray 23rd, click on “Student Housing Application”, select Academic Year 2015-2016, and complete steps 1-6.

#15: There is no risk to sign up for housing selection. You are only billed if you or your group leader select housing during selection week.


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