Housing Rates

Current Housing Rates for the 2013-2014 academic year. 

We are still working on approving the housing rates for 2014-2015, to give you an idea these are the current rates for 2013-2014. The rates are subject to Board of Trustees final approval in February.


Type  Location  Cost 
 Single          Founders  $7642.00 
 Double  Founders  $7220.00
 Single  16E, 22S, 25T, 26H  $7902.00
 Double/Triple/Quad  16E, 22S, 25T, 26H  $7466.00
 2 Person Studio  Fuller, Ellsworth  $7980.00
 3 Person Studio  Fuller, Ellsworth  $7570.00 
 5 Person Apartment  Fuller, Ellsworth  $7194.00 
 7 Person Apartment  Fuller, Ellsworth  $6520.00 
 Studio Single  East, Faraday  $8846.00 
 Single  East, Faraday  $8726.00 
 Double  East, Faraday  $8358.00
 Standard Double/Triple/Quad  Morgan, Daniels, Stoddard, Riley, Institute   $7466.00 
 Standard Single  Morgan, Daniels, Stoddard, Riley, Institute  $7902.00


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