Housing Assignment

Students at WPI are fortunate to have a wide variety of housing options. From state-of-the-art green buildings, to residence halls with historic roots, there’s a place that everyone would be happy to call home.  

The process for securing housing is quite different depending on whether you are a first year student or upperclassman:

First Year Students

WPI guarantees on-campus housing to all full-time, first year students who submit the housing application to the Office of Residential Services by June 30th. When accepting a room assignment, you will sign a Housing and Food Service contract binding you to living on campus for the entire academic year. Housing assignments for first year students are prioritized according to the date of deposit.  Learn more…


WPI offers a variety of housing options for returning students. Founders Hall, Ellsworth/Fuller Apartments, East Hall, Faraday Hall, and our WPI Houses are generally available to upperclassmen. It is our goal in Residential Services to house any student that is looking for accomodations. Learn more…