Important Dates & Deadlines

Housing Selction 2015-2016 Important Dates


  • December 23rd, Sign Up for Housing Selection Opens, Online
  • January 23rd, Sign Up for Housing Selection Closes 11:59pm, Online
  • January 26th, Group Formation Opens, Online
  • February 6th, Group Formation Closes 5:00pm, Online
  • February 9th, Group Numbers/Times Out, Online


  • January 15th, Wedge, 4-7
  • January 20th, Campus Center 11-2
  • January 22nd, Wedge 4-7


  • January 21st, Faraday Hall 7pm
  • February 11th, East Hall 7pm


  • January 17th, Upperclass Housing Locations 10am-2pm
  • January 31st, Upperclass Housing Locations 10am-2pm


  • January 29th, East Hall 7pm
  • February 4th, East Hall 7pm


  • February 16th, 8 person spaces, Online morning
  • February 16th, 7 person spaces, Online afternoon
  • February 17th, 6 person spaces, Online morning
  • February 17th, 5 person spaces, Online afternoon
  • February 18th, 4 person spaces, Online all day
  • February 19th, 3 person spaces, Online morning
  • February 19th, 2/1 person spaces. Online afternoon
  • February 20th, Remaining spaces, Online all day
Date Event Audience
June 1, 2014 Housing Form Due Incoming Freshman
August 24, 2014 Move in for Freshman Incoming Freshman
August 25, 2014 Move in for Upperclassman Upperclassman
October 28, 2014 RA Applications available Resident Advisors
November 13, 2014 RA Information Party Odeum, 7pm Resident Advisors
November 19, 2014 RA Information Session Wedge, 7pm Resident Advisors
December 17, 2014 RA Applications due, 5pm Resident Advisors
December 19, 2014 Residence Halls Close for the Break, 12pm Upperclassman, Incoming Freshman
January 11, 2015 Residence Halls Open for the semester Upperclassman, Incoming Freshman
January 30, 2015 RA Decision Letters e-mailed Resident Advisors
February 2, 2015 RA Contracts Due Resident Advisors
May 7, 2015 Residence Halls close for the summer. 12pm Incoming Freshman, Upperclassman
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