Institute Hall

Embodying the essential characteristics of the WPI experience, Institute Hall is a small, close-knit, and friendly coed community. Lasting bonds take shape here, as students live and share with their peers in this collegial setting.

Home to just 80 students across four floors, Institute Hall offers singles, doubles, triples, and quads. The lower level includes a cozy study lounge with a flat-screen television.

Institute Hall is situated at the base of the Hill—a brisk walk to the center of campus and a stone’s throw from Founders Dining Hall, the Goat’s Head, and the campus convenience store. These amenities, as well as the proximity of neighborhood shops and restaurants, add to Institute Hall’s appeal.

New This Year: Wellness Community @ Institute Hall

WPI Office of Residential Services has designed  a community whose goal is to create an environment that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit through a wide range of wellness programs. Through participation in this community, students will be supported to make a commit- ment to keeping wellness a priority and abstaining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. By creating a community that facilitates optimal health, we expect that students will enhance their learning potential and academic success.  

Through partnership with various campus offices and staff, we will feature a comprehensive, health-centered approach throughout the year.   Programs will be focused in the following areas:  

  • Outdoor Adventures – whitewater rafting, hiking, beach visits  
  • Food and Nutrition – fruit picking, Iron Chef, nutrition education  
  • Weekly Workouts – Zumba, hot yoga, intramural sports  
  • Stress Reduction – meditation, massages, acupuncture  
  • Academic Socials – study sessions, visiting tutors, invited professors  
  • Wellness Awareness – substance use, body image, life skills  

Why live in the Wellness Community? Wellness is important to your overall college success; this community will help you learn tips and strategies to support you throughout your college career.  Space in this program is limited. To apply, please indicate your interest on your first year housing application.If you have questions, email

Institute Hall

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