RA Selection 2015-2016

Choose Your Powerup

Apply to be a Resident Advisor.

  • Do you feel there is room for another 10 hour a week time commitment in your schedule?
  • Do you feel you could approach a resident about a personal concern that has been brought to your attention?
  • Would you feel comfortable assisting a student from an underrepresented group (e.g., student with a disability, gay/lesbian/bisexual, African American, Hispanic, etc)?
  • Are you able to confront other people's behaviors in a constructive manner?
  • Can you remain objective and fair when dealing with a conflict involving your friends and fellow staff members?
  • Are you able to react and express yourself clearly in a tense situation?
  • Do you know when someone is asking for help, but is not directly verbalizing their need?
  • Is the satisfaction of knowing you did your best enough for you?
  • When faced with criticism, are you flexible?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions you are strongly encouraged to read through the application, attend an info session/table, or speak to a current RA. 



Event  Date  Time  Location 
 Applications Available    10/28     9am  Online 
 Info Table      11/5 11am-2pm Campus Center
 Info Table 11/12 11am-2pm Wedge
 RA Info Party                    11/13  7pm-9pm   Odeum  
 Info Session         11/19     7pm-9pm Wedge 
 Applications Due 12/17 5pm      Online 
 RA Individual Interview 1/14        TBD East Hall 
 RA Group Process 1/24  TBD     TBD
 Decisions Go Out 1/30    TBD  Email 
 Contracts Due Back 2/2  5pm  East Hall 



 All full-time WPI students are eligible for RA positions provided their academic record does not hold a status of academic warning, probation, or suspension at the end of B-Term 2014 and are in community standing in regards to their conduct record. Successful candidates must have achieved at least sophomore status by the start of the Fall 2015 term.  



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