RA Selection 2014-2015

There's No Place Like Residential Services. 

Pull back the curtain and apply to be a Resident Advisor.

  • Do you feel there is room for another 10 hour a week time commitment in your schedule?
  • Do you feel you could approach a resident about a personal concern that has been brought to your attention?
  • Would you feel comfortable assisting a student from an underrepresented group (e.g., student with a disability, gay/lesbian/bisexual, African American, Hispanic, etc)?
  • Are you able to confront other people's behaviors in a constructive manner?
  • Can you remain objective and fair when dealing with a conflict involving your friends and fellow staff members?
  • Are you able to react and express yourself clearly in a tense situation?
  • Do you know when someone is asking for help, but is not directly verbalizing their need?
  • Is the satisfaction of knowing you did your best enough for you?
  • When faced with criticism, are you flexible?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions you are strongly encouraged to continue in this process and look at the below job description. 

RA Job Description


Event  Date  Time  Location 
 Applications Available    10/28     Noon      Online 
 RA Info Party                    11/5  7pm-9pm   Odeum C 
 RA Info Table at FallFest 11/6  9am-5pm  Wedge 
 Info Table     11/11  11am-2pm  Campus Center 
 Info Session         11/14  11am-12pm  Mid Century CC 
 Info Table 11/19  11am-2pm      Wedge 
 Info Session 11/22  5:30pm-6:30pm  East Hall 
 Info Table 12/4  12pm-3pm  Campus Center 
 Applications Due 12/18  5pm      Online 
 Group Process 1/25        TBD TBD 
 Individual Interviews 1/27-1/31  TBD     East Hall 
 Decisions Go Out 2/4      TBD  Email 
 Contacts Due Back 2/7  5pm  East Hall 


 All full-time WPI students are eligible for RA positions provided their academic record does not hold a status of academic warning, probation, or suspension at the end of B-Term 2013 and are in community standing in regards to their conduct record. Successful candidates must have achieved at least sophomore status by the start of the Fall 2014 term.  

Job Compensation 

Resident Advisors receive a single room in an assigned hall/house free of charge. They also receive ½ of a 14, 19, or 200 meal plan. RA staff members are required to be on a residential meal plan, regardless of where they are assigned to live. Please note that this compensation is considered a financial resource and financial aid candidates selected as RA’s may have an adjustment made in the self-help category of their aid package. If you feel that this may apply to you, we recommend that you speak with Financial Aid to see how the RA position may affect your aid.  Financial status is not considered as a factor in selecting RA’s.



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