Online Lab Safety Training

Members of the WPI community can now complete their lab safety training requirement online through myWPI.

  1. To enroll in the Lab Safety Site, log in to myWPI and then go to the Community tab.

  2. In the Organization Search box, type in "safety training" and then select the Go button.

  3. The Lab Safety Training listing appears. Click the action Link to the right of the Organization ID and select Enroll from the drop-down menu. Make sure you click the Enroll button before accessing the training link, or you will not be able to access the site.

  4. The Self Enrollment screen appears. Select the Submit button to complete the enrollment.

  5. A Receipt appears. You will now have access to the Lab Safety Training organization.

  6. After you have enrolled, select the OK button from the receipt to access the training site immediately. If you wish to complete the training later, it will be available the next time you log in to myWPI. It will appear as "Lab Safety Training" on the Community tab or in the My Organizations module on the Home tab.

  7. Once you have entered the Lab Safety Training myWPI site, click on the Lab Safety Training Module to begin. Follow the directions on the page to complete the module.

    If you have difficulty enrolling, or need further assistance with myWPI, send an e-mail to

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