Alumni involvement is one of the key reasons that our WPI Greek chapters are maintained. Alumni/ae play a major role in advising chapters. Each chapter should have at least one advisor and a house corporation which helps with the day-to-day operations of the chapter. The Greek Alumni Council, provides networking and resources for efficient chapter management. If you are already involved with your chapter donating time and resources, thank you. You help to keep the WPI Greek community strong.

If you are not currently involved, please consider getting involved with your organization. Here are a few ideas.

Top Ten Ways Alumni Chapters Can Help Undergraduate Chapters

(adapted from Ten Ways )

  1. House Corporation Board Officers. Ensure a viable house corporation works in concert with the undergraduate chapter to provide quality housing and preserve the house as an asset.
  2. Public Relations. Enable undergraduate chapters to get the word out about their many philanthropic events to different audiences. Alumni newsletters, press releases, and faculty events can make a huge difference to the success of a program or an event.
  3. Community Service. Help our undergraduate members learn about the rewards of serving others.
  4. Ritual. Assist in the ceremonies of initiation to ensure a deep understanding of our ritual and the ideals of our Fraternity.
  5. Scholarship. Whether assisting with financial rewards or advising study programs, alumni interest and involvement will prove beneficial as a motivating factor.
  6. Serve on an Advisory Board. Typically consisting of four or five alumni brothers who assist the chapter in specific areas according to their own expertise, an Advisory Board would most likely be comprised of advisors for recruitment, finances, new member education, scholarship, and housing.
  7. Be a mentor. Even the busiest alumnus/a can take time to demonstrate to the chapter's members and new members that fraternity membership is life-long.
  8. Career Advisor Program. Offering career advice to undergraduates searching for jobs or summer internships can prove valuable.
  9. Recruitment. Through alumni recommendations, recruitment functions, planning and budgeting, financial backing, and/or a recruitment seminar or retreat, the benefits of alumni involvement in recruitment are unlimited.
  10. Role Model - Brother/Sister - Friend. Most important in our fast paced and hectic life is the human aspect of brotherhood/sisterhood. By attending a chapter meeting, sharing a chapter dinner, stating your views on an issue or just listening to a younger member's concerns, you are giving the most precious commodity which returns the richest rewards - yourself.
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