Baccalaureate Committee

Baccalaureate Committee Responsibilities:

  • Selects the student speakers, keynote speaker and musical performances
  • Through a process of auditioning, the committee votes on the program that they think will best represent their class

Baccalaureate Chair responsibilities:

  • Chair meetings, arrange time and location for meetings and ensure minutes are forwarded to committee and advisors
  • Serve as a student representative on the Commencement Committee
  • Lead committee in organizing the following aspects of program:
    1. Student Speakers
      • Advertise for Baccalaureate and Commencement speakers
      • Arrange for Tryout date(s) and location
      • Arrange for Committee to attend Tryouts
      • Committee will choose final speakers
    2. "Keynote" Speaker
      • Discuss with various offices on campus options for speaker
      • Present speakers to Committee
      • Committee will choose speaker
    3. Musical Performances
      • Advertise for senior performers
      • Arrange for tryout date(s) and location
      • Arrange for committee to attend tryouts
      • Committee will choose final performers
    4. Day-of arrangements
      • Have committee arrange for flower rental
      • Work in conjunction with advisor on developing Program Booklet in a timely fashion


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