Casino Nights

Casino Nights, involving games of chance (i.e., gambling activities), are also regulated by the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission (MSLC). "Casino Night" events in which no charge is required of the participants (either to enter the event or to participate in the games) do not require a license. Organizations wishing to hold a Casino Night that requires a state license should contact the Student Activities Office at least 30 days prior to the event taking place to obtain the proper permits and forms.

The procedure to apply for a "Casino Night" License is as follows:

  1. Request permission (using this form) from the Student Activities Office to hold a Bazaar/Monte Carlo/Casino Night. The City only permits two (2) Casino Nights per license-year. There must be at least 30 days between casino events.
  2. Upon approval, the student organization must inform (in writing) the Worcester Chief of Police and the City Clerk of the following:
    1. A sketch of the location in which the event is to be held including the location of tables, cashier's booth, and the counting room;
    2. A list of the members working at the Casino Night and their duties;
    3. The name of the vendor supplying the game equipment and the name of the person representing the vendor who may be on the premises;
    4. A copy of the rental agreement for the rental of the gaming equipment;
    5. A copy of the rental agreement for the facility being used unless it is being held on-campus in which case that fact must be stated;
    6. The time at which the Casino Night is to be held.
  3. Simultaneously, the organization must contact the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission at (617) 849-5555, extension 333, to receive the appropriate control sheets to file the Casino Function Financial Return Form (CFT-1). You may be asked to attend a seminar to learn how to complete the appropriate forms.
  4. The student organization must pick up the approval for the function at the Worcester Police Department License Board within one (1) week of filing. The approval must be posted where and when the Casino Night is held.

The following rules govern the operation of Casino Nights in the City of Worcester.

  1. A uniformed police officer must be employed by the student organization and must remain on the premises until the function is closed.
  2. The function cannot begin before 7:00 p.m. and may end no later than 1:00 a.m. The function cannot run more than five (5) hours.
  3. The owner or authorized occupant of the building used must obtain from the Code Inspection Department permission to conduct such a function. The student organization is responsible for ensuring that the number of people present does not exceed the occupancy certification as determined by the Code Inspection Department.
  4. The conditions and regulations established by the Massachusetts Lottery Commission and the Office of the Attorney General for the conduct of Casino Nights shall be compiled with by the student organization.

Student Organizations must complete the Casino Function Financial Return Form (CFT1) available in the Student Activities Office and return it to SAO, along with a check for applicable taxes, within seven (7) days of the function.

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