Chalking Policies

  • Recognized student organizations may advertise events of campus-wide interest with chalk on outside areas only; specifically sidewalks and the Quad brick walkway.
  • Campus-wide events include any event open to all students as well as fraternity and sorority events.
  • Each organization is responsible for removing the chalk within one week after the event takes place (if weather has not removed the chalk).
  • All chalk used must be washable "sidewalk" chalk, rather than classroom board chalk.

No Chalking Areas

Specific areas are designated as No Chalking Areas. They are:

  • Any vertical surfaces, such as the side of buildings and light poles
  • Trash cans
  • Steps
  • The seal on the Quad
  • Any sitting area (wood or brick)


Groups will be charged for cleaning if:

  • Chalking occurs on in any prohibited areas
  • Advertising for something other than a campus-wide event occurs
  • The chalk is not removed within one week after event occurs

The minimum charge for any cleaning will be $35 for each separate location.

These Chalking Guidelines were created as a result of students' discontent with excessive chalking and the detrimental effect it had on the appearance of the campus.

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