Expectations for Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Functions

  1. All Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including those pertaining to health, safety and the possession and consumption of alcohol must be strictly adhered to at all functions, which includes any activity while on chapter premises or during a chapter event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or any event an observer would associate with the chapter.
  2. Alcohol is allowable only at closed functions (invitation only). Functions may not be advertised if alcohol will be present.
  3. Only beer and beverages of less than 6% alcohol by volume, contained in single serving non-glass containers of no more than 12 oz., will be allowed at functions at chapter facilities. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must also be available at all functions.
  4. Functions involving alcohol where guests are present are not allowed on weeknights at any chapter facility.
  5. No more than two guests are allowable for each chapter member in attendance. Total attendance is not to exceed limits of existing fire and safety codes for the building as a whole or for any one room.
  6. Guests must be invited prior to the function and a typed list with all the invitee’s names will be present at the door for check-in. Only those guests listed may be permitted entry to the function.
  7. All guests must be 18 or over to be at a function when alcohol is present.
  8. During functions when alcohol is present, each member and guest must carry an identification card issued by a governmental agency which includes that person’s picture and date of birth. Acceptable forms of identification include official driver’s licenses, Massachusetts alcoholic beverage purchase card, passport or military identification card.
  9. All guests who are 21 or older will be given a wrist band which must be worn at all times during the function. Only persons 21 years of age or older who are wearing a wrist band will be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.
  10. All functions in chapter facilities are BYOB. Guests who are 21 years of age or older are allowed to bring one six-pack of 12 oz beers or one 4 pack of wine coolers to be turned in at the door for tickets. Beer, and other approved beverages, will be distributed by the chapter in a controlled manner using appropriate risk management techniques and then only to guests who are 21 years of age or older and wearing a wristband. In accordance with Massachusetts state law, intoxicated individuals should not be served alcohol.
  11. Alcohol may not be purchased through or with chapter funds. No bulk quantity or common sources of alcohol (eg, kegs, party balls, punch containers, pitchers, or cases) are permitted at functions at chapter facilities.
  12. The possession, sale, or use of illegal drugs or controlled substances while on chapter premises or during a chapter function or any function that an observer would associate with the chapter is strictly prohibited.
  13. No chapter may co-sponsor, finance, attend, or participate in a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, and/or any other student groups or organizations.
  14. Under no circumstance may a fee be charged for entry or to obtain alcohol at a function hosted at a chapter facility.
  15. Individuals under 21 may not possess, consume, be served, or bring alcohol to any chapter function.
  16. Chapters must effectively control access to premises when alcohol is served. Party monitors should be present in accordance with inter/national risk management guidelines and applicable governing council policies.
  17. All recruitment activities will be alcohol free.
  18. No alcohol shall be present at activities, programs, or rituals designed exclusively for new members/pledges/associates/novices.
  19. No member or new member shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in drinking games or other activities promoting dangerous consumption of alcohol.
  20. To host a third party vendor event, the vendor should be properly licensed by the appropriate local and state authority, be properly insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 of general liability insurance, and assume in writing all the responsibilities that any other purveyor of alcoholic beverages would assume in the normal course of business, including but not limited to: checking identification cards upon entry, not serving minors, not serving individuals who appear to be intoxicated, maintaining control of alcoholic containers present, and collecting all remaining alcohol at the end of a function.
  21. When hosting a function with a third party vendor, hired transportation will be provided to and from the venue if the venue is beyond a one mile radius from campus.
  22. Chapters will respect the rights of neighbors, which includes managing the level of noise, the actions of function attendees, and clean-up immediately following a function.
  23. University officials, including Campus Police, will be allowed prompt entry into chapter facilities when they have health or safety concerns.
  24. Violation of policies will result in judicial proceedings which may include the following sanctions for the chapter as outcomes:
    Social Probation: A period during which a chapter may not sponsor any social functions, on or off campus, where alcohol is present.
    Recognition Probation: A period of review during which a chapter will be notified of specific concerns and must comply with requests for remediation by a specific date.
    Recognition Suspension: A period during which a chapter is no longer a member of the WPI Greek system; is not entitled to participate in rush; may not use WPI's name; and is no longer considered as a recognized student organization. Recolonization is not guaranteed, and is subject to the current recolonization procedure on file in the Student Activities Office.
  25. All violations of the above expectations will be reported the chapter’s inter/national headquarters.
  26. Individual chapter members who violate these expectations may also be subject to judicial action.
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