At the start of A-Term 2007, the Greek Life Task Force recommendations will go into effect. During the first year, chapters will aspire to achieve the recommendations. During the second year, chapters will be required to meet or exceed the recommendations.

Impacts on IFC, Panhellenic Council, or GAC

For recommendations that impact IFC, Panhellenic Council, and GAC, it is important that each group have a sense of buy-in regarding the recommendations. Therefore, each group will develop an implementation plan in collaboration with the Director of Student Activities.

Impacts on WPI

For recommendations that impact WPI, the Director of Student Activities will work with key offices to provide resources to chapters. The  Director will develop an implementation model to allow for adequate acquisition and/or allocation of fiscal and human resources.

Impacts on Greek Chapters

For recommendations that impact chapters, it is important to recognize that:

  • Every chapter has different strengths and areas for growth
  • Chapters must be involved in evaluating, setting goals for, and governing themselves
  • The Greek community needs to move to a culture of positive reinforcement.
  • The implemented plan should push chapters to evaluate themselves each year and push their own potential

Recognizing the importance in embracing these principles, we will use a two-prong approach: The Chapter Excellence Plan and the Chapter Excellence Annual Report

The Chapter Excellence Plan

Chapters will set individual goals in D-Term for their chapters for the coming year. They will then meet to review the goals with the Director of Student Activities. The Chapter Excellence Annual Report

At the end of C-Term, the chapter will complete the Chapter Excellence Annual Report, which replaces the GAC Awards application. This Chapter Excellence Annual Report has two sections: a review of the goals the chapter set the previous D-Term and the ways the chapter made progress toward those goals, as well as a section in which points are earned for meeting recommendations from the Task Force.

A chapter earns points for accomplishments they can justify. For example, if a chapter should be performing ten hours of service per member each semester, they will earn points for each hour of service they do as they strive toward 10 hours (For example: 1hr = 1 point, 3 hrs = 3 points, 10 hrs = 10 points, more hours = bonus).

Each chapter must achieve a minimum of 600 points as verified by the scoring committee upon submission. Adequate documentation for all items that have an asterisk (*) must be provided to achieve points. Acceptable documentation might include meeting agendas, photographs, invoices, letters from educational providers or service agencies, newspaper articles, etc. If your chapter already completes similar reports for your Inter/national organization, portions of those reports can substitute for this Annual Report with permission from the Director of Student Activities.

If a chapter fails to achieve the minimum number of points, the chapter will meet with the Director of Student Activities to develop a plan to meet the minimum standards for the following year. The chapter leadership will then submit monthly progress reports throughout the academic year to the Director of Student Activities. Failure to meet the minimum standards for two reporting cycles in a row may result in disciplinary action up to and including loss of recognition.

Incentives for Excellence

Chapters will be rewarded for adherence to the Task Force recommendations through Greek Alumni Council Awards Eligibility and additional incentives.

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