How would you like to give back?

1. Volunteer on a weekly basis

Explore the wide range of weekly positions available at nearby organizations. Open to all WPI students, these positions are also pre-approved for those looking to fulfill their entire Work-Study allocation with community service work.

2. Help with a one-time event

Want to spend a small amount of time yet make a big difference? Looking to complete your required 15 hours of service as a Federal Work-Study recipient? Find an event that’s right for you on the Community Service calendar.

3. Become a youth Exploradream tutor/mentor

Volunteer for Exploradream, and help local inner-city kids, ages 8-13, by assisting them with homework, exposing them to college life, and serving as a mentor. For information, contact execdreams@wpi.edu or community-service@wpi.edu.

4. Plan your own

Does your WPI club, organization, team, or fraternity/sorority have an idea for its own service event or philanthropic project? Do you perform community service at home, during school breaks or on weekends? Check out our ideas for planning and publicizing your own community service event in Club Resources.

5. Looking for something else?

Fill out the Interest Form telling us what you’re interested in, and we’ll work with you to find the right project.

A Reminder for Work-Study Students

Whether you choose to fulfill your entire Federal Work-Study allocation or just your required 15 hours with community service, your project must be approved before you begin. Read For Work-Study Students to learn more.