Parents - Important Information

A Letter from the Greek Advisor

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Greek Life at WPI! At WPI we are very proud of our Greek community, which fosters the development of leadership skills and enhances members' personal lives. As your son or daughter starts to settle in and develop interests, they will have many involvement opportunities to choose from. While there are over 190 student organizations registered with the Campus Center and Student Activities Office, one option they may find interesting is joining a fraternity or sorority. As a parent, this decision deserves your input and careful consideration.

I hope that you will find this web site a valuable tool in learning more about Greek Life at WPI. As the Greek Advisor, I strongly support the Greek community and see it as one of the greatest learning laboratories on a college campus, giving students real world experience that they can take with them into their professional careers. Being a member of a fraternity or sorority gives students opportunities to assume different leadership roles, from programming and recruiting to house and money management. They not only develop friendships that last a lifetime, but also learn how to work with many diverse people towards a common goal- the growth and management of their chapter.

As you and your student discuss their participation in a Greek organization, please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. I can be reached at 508-831-5291 or at As an administrator, I am here to serve not only the students of WPI, but also their families. I look forward to being a resource to you both.

Emily Perlow, Director of Student Activities

New Member Recruitment

New Member Recruitment begins in B Term for both men and women. WPI and the Greek community support this deferred Recruitment period because it gives new students time to settle in to their classes and make friends within their residence hall community before exploring Greek life. New Member Recruitment is a period of mutual selection. Not only do Greek organizations select new members, but also the prospective members select the chapter they wish to join.

Students who participate in New Member Recruitment are under no obligation to join. Opportunities for membership are open to all new students who are academically eligible. Academic eligibility is defined by earning 2/3 credits for classes in A Term for all new and transfer students. Transfer and upper class students interested in recruitment must have the equivalent of 2/3 credits per term and must not be on academic warning or probation.

New Member Education

At the conclusion of New Member Recruitment, a particular chapter may offer a "bid" (an invitation to join the chapter) to your student. If your student accepts the bid, he/she will become a "new member" or "associate member" of that chapter. New Member Education activities are developed to bring the new members closer to the members of the chapter. Chapter history, songs, values and philanthropic activities are all part of the educational process. New members can expect to participate in meetings, study sessions, campus programs, community service projects and other chapter activities.

The WPI or Greek community does not tolerate hazing. Any chapter found participating in such activities will be held accountable for their actions. Please review WPI's Anti-Hazing Policy for more details. Parents of Greeks are strongly encouraged to contact the Greek Advisor with any concern or questions they may have about their student in particular or a chapter as a whole. New Member Education should be a positive experience that upon completion has prepared a student to be an active leader within their fraternity or sorority and on campus.

Financial Responsibilities

Greek chapters and their chapter houses are self-sufficient and independent of WPI. Chapters collect both local and national dues, membership fees, and room & board fees from each member. Most groups have a one-time New Member Education and Initiation fee. Fees vary with each chapter, therefore your student should inquire about fees at the chapter of their interest. If your student opts to live in the chapter house, room and board fees apply as well. Most chapters have their own kitchen and meal plan options. Members do not live in chapter houses until after their freshman year.