Event Planning

Fund Your Event

Many opportunities exist to obtain funding for your event.

Reserve a Venue

Get Food, Sound, Lights and A/V Equipment

Publicize Your Event

  • WPI Events Calendar - In order to have your event posted to WPI's online calendars, you must Add/Suggest an Event (Later, you might need to Edit Your Events). When you do this, students can see your event listing in places like homepage calendar, the WPI Events Calendar, the Student Activities Calendar, myWPI, Tech News, @WPI and the Campus Center Kiosk, just to name a few.
  • Worcester Consortium Calendar - The Consortium, as well as many of its colleges also use the Social Web as the source of events for their online calendars. To broadcast your event to the entire Worcester Consortium, simply add your event to the Social Web and click the option to notify relevant groups.
  • WPIC Video Bulletin Board Message Request - Want your event posted on the campus TV Network? Fill-out the appropriate form and the ATC will be happy to post a notice for you.
  • WWPI Radio Campus Announcement - Have your event announced by a WWPI DJ!
  • Advertise in The Towers- The Towers, WPI's Student Newspaper offers discounted advertising rates for all student groups. For information about discounted student organization rates, email towers@wpi.edu.
  • Chalking - While chalking can be an excellent way of advertising your event, it is important to follow the chalking guidelines established by the University in order to keep our campus grounds looking great.
  • Flyers & Posters - Many bulletin boards are available on campus for posting flyers and posters about your event. Be sure to follow WPI's policy regarding bulletin boards.
  • Campus Duplicating Services - Duplicating Services, located in the basement of Boynton Hall, provides printing and duplicating services. In many cases, they may be able to do the work at a lower cost than most outside companies.