5 Reasons to Join

1. Academic support and excellence

Our fraternities and sororities pride themselves on academic success. Whether you need help choosing a major, applying for scholarships, or sharpening your study skills, chapter members can show you the ropes. Two honor societies recognize fraternity and sorority members for academic excellence – the Oder of Omega and Rho Lambda.

2. Service to the community

Did you know that members of WPI’s fraternities and sororities perform thousands of hours of community service every year? We’re volunteering in homeless shelters. We’re tutoring kids in local schools. We’re cleaning up trash in nearby neighborhoods. And we’re really proud of the difference we’re making by working together to better our community.

3. Leadership and personal development

When you’re a member of a WPI fraternity or sorority, you’ll have many opportunities to get involved in a leadership capacity—from serving in a new member office, to representing your chapter on a governance council, to serving as chapter president. No matter what role you choose on campus, the confidence and skills you’ll develop as a fraternity or sorority member will serve you well in the professional world.

4. Lifelong friends and community building

We’re not just the guy who sits next to you in lecture hall. We’re not just the girl who shares a lab bench with you. We’re the fraternity brothers and sorority sisters who share your same interests, values, and goals.

As a member of our Greek-letter community, you’ll connect with people from all different backgrounds who will become your closest friends—friends who congratulate you when you succeed, support you when you falter, and remain with you long after you depart WPI.

5. Networking and alumni involvement

When you join a fraternity or sorority, you join a long line of brothers and sisters who are united by a shared collegiate experience. And you’ll find that chapter alumni are eager to help their fellow members, whether by serving as career advisors or trusted mentors.

With many opportunities to interact with your chapter’s alumni—Homecoming, reunion weekends, and chapter meetings, to name a few—you’ll be part of a beneficial network that could lead to your next internship, summer job, or professional career.