A Relationship Statement for WPI and the Fraternity/Sorority Community

The relationship between WPI and the fraternity and sorority community is one of mutual respect, cooperation, understanding, and trust. This trust is based on mutual goals, the expectations of WPI, the community, the fraternity/sorority chapters, and the responsibilities of each in this relationship.

WPI is responsible for:

  • continuing its commitment to support and develop the fraternity/sorority community;
  • providing administrative resources and funding for advisement and programming related, but not limited to academic support, leadership development, career advancement, and chapter management;
  • advocating on behalf of the fraternity/sorority community as a liaison between internal and external parties; and
  • providing assistance and training for the self-governance system, and providing a judicial process for cases that WPI and/or the fraternity/sorority self-governing bodies determine to be outside the self-governing bodies' jurisdiction, specifically, but not limited to, offenses that might lead to suspension or revocation of university recognition based on criteria set forth by the institution.

The fraternities and sororities are responsible for:

  • establishing and maintaining strong academic standards that exemplify and strengthen WPI's educational mission;
  • fostering positive relationships within the WPI community and encouraging participation in activities that cultivate well-roundedness of members;
  • respecting the rights of the WPI community and surrounding neighborhoods;
  • complying with the Campus Code of Conduct and other WPI policies, including those of the fraternity/sorority self-governing bodies;
  • minimizing the risk of liability and harm to people and property, adherence to all inter/national risk management policies, and maintaining accountability for the actions of the chapter and its members;
  • ensuring that new member and initiation practices satisfy all inter/national standards of the respective chapter;
  • promoting a sense of respect and dignity for all members within the fraternity/sorority community;
  • supporting the fraternity/sorority self-governing councils and maintaining good standing with an inter/national organization and WPI;
  • maintaining an active mentoring relationship with an advisory individual or committee; and
  • supporting a culture that encourages lifelong personal and professional development.

To ensure that each chapter is living up to its ideals as well as those of the University, each chapter shall conduct an annual self evaluation and planning program. The criteria for this evaluation are articulated in the WPI Chapter Excellence Plan and Annual Report.

The relationship between WPI and the fraternity/sorority community requires open and honest communication bound by a spirit of goodwill. Other organizations that play a vital, supportive role for the fraternity/sorority community includes the Division of Student Affairs, house corporations, chapter advisors, intern/national organizations, fraternity/sorority self-governing bodies, Greek Alumni Council, faculty advisors and parents. These organizations and individuals, together, serve to strengthen, and therefore, benefit fraternity/sorority life and our campus community.

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