Student Speakers Fund

The WPI Student Speaker & Special Event Fund was established in 1992 as a programming resource for the WPI community. This special funding source generally provides awards of up to $500 for educational programs produced by WPI students, faculty, staff, departments or organizations. While lectures are a primary focus, proposals are also accepted for programs utilizing panel discussions, debates, films and demonstrations.

Requests are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  1. Topical Content:
    This funding source was established to encourage programs on contemporary issues. Programs of this nature are given strong consideration. Other topical considerations include:
    The program should have broad appeal to all members of the WPI community.
    Uniqueness: Programs similar in topical content to ones recently presented stand less of a chance of receiving funding. 
  2. Matching Funding:
    This funding source may not serve as the sole monetary source for a specific program. It is expected that any program seeking support will secure funding from at least one other source. Programs with multiple sponsors are highly encouraged.
  3. Preparedness:
    Another goal of this special funding source is to encourage more responsible programming. Requests should demonstrate an understanding of effective planning and promoting of the program. We suggest that your application include a detailed timeline of tasks to be completed leading up to the performance.

The Student Speakers Fund Review Committee is comprised of students, staff and faculty. Requests are sent to the committee (via electronic mail) within two days of submission of a completed form. The committee usually renders a decision within ten days of the request being received. In certain situations, the sponsor may be asked to submit more information prior to a decision being rendered. Awards may be paid either directly to a presenter or into a departmental or organizational account from which the presenter's expenses will be taken.

The title="Student Activities Office">Student Activities Office serves as the contact point for all correspondence regarding the Student Speaker & Special Event Fund.

NOTE: Funding will be transferred to the sponsoring organization only after the Evaluation Form is completed.

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Program Evaluation Form

Please fill out the Program Evaluation Form after your program.