Faculty & Staff

Recognizing Concerns and Responding Appropriately

Because faculty and staff members are often the first to recognize a student experiencing distress, we have established several resources to help you confidently identify and respond to these situations. Working together, we can help students develop lifelong skills in support of good mental and physical health.

Services for Faculty and Staff. Learn how the WPI Care Team can help with non-emergency concerns, and how to schedule SDCC team development workshops in your classroom.

Recognizing Students in Distress. Find out how to recognize indications that a student is experiencing distress long before a situation escalates.

Responding to Students in Distress. Discover what to do once you’ve identified a potential or developing problem.

WPI faculty & staff recognizing and responding to students in distress manual

SAVE Brochure

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Concerned about the immediate safety or well-being of a student?

Call WPI Campus Police at +1-508-831-5555. If you feel it’s not an emergency, call the SDCC at +1-508-831-5540, or email sdcc@wpi.edu.

Student Support Network

Where students are trained and committed to improving the quality of life for all members of the WPI community.