Men Who Stand Against Violence

MAVRIC stands for Men Against Violence and Rape In our Community, a student group founded in 2008 to educate our campus about sexual assault and relationship violence—and working to decrease its prevalence. We focus on the positive role men can play in stopping violence, and on creating a new culture of masculinity that encourages men to show their strength by taking a stand against unjust treatment of others, not by dominating.


MAVRICs are men you know; we are in your classes and your dorm. We offer an interactive, thought-provoking presentation for WPI audiences and will talk with others at fraternities, residences, clubs, athletic teams, and elsewhere. We partner with CAS 101 to meet with men and women, separately or together. It’s easy to express your interest or sign up online.


Members of MAVRIC talk about relationship violence, rape, masculinity, sexism, homophobia, and other sensitive topics, with their peers. MAVRIC members are also committed to building a community free from rape and relationship violence, and counter the attitudes and behaviors that encourage these problems. Send an email to find out more about being a member of MAVRIC.

Make a Difference as a MAVRIC!

Complete the interest form, and a member will contact you about meetings and how to join us. You can also request a presentation. If you have questions, contact advisor Matt Barry +1-508-831-5540 at the Student Development & Counseling Center.

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Men Against Violence and Rape In our Community