Worried About a Student?

Faculty and staff members are in an excellent position to recognize students in distress and to initiate appropriate action. The Student Development & Counseling Center (SDCC) recommends that all become familiar with Recognizing Students in Distress and Responding to Students in Distress.

If you’re concerned about the immediate safety or well-being of a student in crisis, contact WPI Campus Police at +1-508-831-5555. If you feel the situation is not an emergency, we encourage you to call the SDCC at +1-508-831-5540, or e-mail us for a consultation.


If you learn of or observe troubling student behavior, the WPI Care Team is available to help with concerns for non-immediate student safety, welfare, and academic success. To learn more, or to submit a concern, visit I’m Concerned About a Student, or contact the Dean of Students Office directly at +1-508-831-5201.

Help for Classroom or Project Teams

Working with teams and leading groups can be challenging for students, so the SDCC is available to bring team development workshops to your classroom to complement your course curriculum. Workshops last up to 90 minutes and involve a practical discussion of group dynamics, sources of group conflict, and conflict management strategies.

The SDCC staff can also assist project teams experiencing significant group dynamic issues. These consultations are arranged by faculty referral, with a brief assessment and intervention aimed at maximizing the group’s functionality.

To schedule a workshop, or for more information about SDCC consultations, email us, or call +1-508-831-5540.

Make a Positive Impact

Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress
Faculty & Staff Training

WPI offers a 90-minute interactive training session for faculty and staff members. We examine ways students may struggle, discuss effective strategies for reaching out, and identify available resources for further assistance. The SDCC will email notifications of upcoming workshops. Call the SDCC to learn more.

Student Support Network
Faculty & Staff Training

The Student Support Network (SSN) is a six-week training series covering the nature of good mental and emotional health, warning signs that someone may be struggling, ways to approach and talk to those in need, and resources for more help. SSN training is available for both students and faculty members. The faculty track, also open to WPI staff members, is scheduled in C-Term during the academic year. If interested, email us, or call +1-508-831-5540 for more information.

Community Development Committees

The SDCC chairs campus committees made up of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to promoting a safe environment on campus. Consider joining as a committee member.

Looking for Counseling Services for You or Your Family?

WPI’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers services for employees and their families. EAP counselors provide assessment, referral, and brief counseling services that are free and confidential. More information: Employee Assistance Program.

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Student Support Network

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