Students Preventing Assault and Rape in our Community

SPARC (Students Preventing Assault and Rape in our Community) is out to make a difference in the way students think and act about relationship violence, sexual assault, and gender-role expectations.

Your organization can schedule a presentation for an audience of men, women, or all genders. If you would like more information on sexual assault, go to the Sexual Assault self help page.


This peer education program is designed to promote greater awareness about the dynamics of sexual assault and aid in the prevention of relationship violence on the WPI campus. The intention of the program is to facilitate knowledgeable interactions between trained WPI students and their peers through programs and trainings, as well as to provide information and resources to survivors of sexual assault in times of immediate crisis.


  • To provide and advertise programs for the college community on issues relating to sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual consent
  • To provide information and resources to survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence
  • To provide specific education about staying safe at WPI - while sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor, information can be an important tool
  • To empower members of the WPI community to be prosocial bystanders and intervene safely when needed


  • Complete mandatory training sessions for peer educators
  • Attend regularly scheduled group meetings
  • Participate in SPARC presentations for a variety of audiences such as student leaders, residences/floors, RAs, CAs, Greek organizations, ROTC, and more
  • Be knowledgeable about area resources both on and off campus, such as counseling services, Student Health Services, Pathways for Change (Central MA's rape crisis center), etc. and how to refer survivors to these services
  • Help plan and execute large campus events such as Take Back the Night


  • Contribute to making your WPI community a safer place
  • Gain valuable experience while developing teaching, communication, presentation, and group facilitation skills
  • Become part of a skilled team of students committed to providing accurate, nonjudgmental college health information to the WPI community

Get Involved and Make a Difference in SPARC!

Complete the interest form and a member will contact you about meetings and how to join us. If you have questions you can email or call the Student Development & Counseling Center at +1-508-831-5540 and ask for Matt Barry or Kate Richey, our advisors.

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