Students Preventing Assault and Rape in our Community

As part of WPI’s SPARC (Students Preventing Assault and Rape in our Community) initiative, our CAS 101 (Communicating About Safety) and MAVRIC (Men Against Violence and Rape In our Community) groups are out to make a difference in the way students think and act about relationship violence, sexual assault, and gender-role expectations.

While CAS 101 and MAVRIC work together (and as part of WPI’s Student Support Network) to advocate and educate other students, each works separately to address key issues with their peers through individually tailored programs for men and women.

Your organization can schedule a presentation for an audience of men, women, or both. MAVRIC will meet with the men in your group and CAS 101 will meet with the women in separate locations.

To learn more, visit CAS 101 or MAVRIC. You can also call the SDCC at +1-508-831-5540 or email

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Student Support Network

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