Staff Values

We provide counseling, encourage personal development and enhance community support for all students.


Counseling is most successful when the student and counselor work as a team to set goals, identify obstacles, and move in a valued direction.


We recognize that it takes a great deal of strength to seek help. We strive to provide a caring and comfortable atmosphere in which students will feel heard and validated.


We provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment where students can share their concerns openly. We see students with a wide range of concerns and embrace that we all hold different beliefs, values, and viewpoints.


We value the diversity of the WPI community and welcome all students without exception. We honor individual differences including but not limited to ethnicity, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nationality, and ability.


Our counselors respect privacy and take confidentiality very seriously. We believe that students receive the best assistance when they are comfortable being open and honest about their thoughts and feelings.

We do not share any information outside of the SDCC. Roommates, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and deans will not know that a student is working with a counselor unless the student provides permission. Only under certain, very specific conditions would there be an exception. These conditions are outlined in our confidentiality policy. (.pdf, 271 kb)

The confidentiality policy will be reviewed with you during your first appointment at the Counseling Center. If you have any questions, please ask your counselor or contact the SDCC for more information.

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Student Support Network

Where students are trained and committed to improving the quality of life for all members of the WPI community.

The [SDCC] was a great resource for me when I was struggling to keep on top of everything freshman year. Anytime I was stressed, I knew that there were professionals on campus who I could confide in and talk through any obstacles I encountered.