Healthcare Delivery Institute

Creating the Future of Healthcare Delivery 

The Healthcare Delivery Institute (HDI) at WPI is a university-wide, multi-disciplinary (engineering science, business) research and education institute that uses Worcester and surrounding communities as its laboratory and classroom to help industry, healthcare provider, academic, and government partners collaboratively develop new ways to deliver quality care to keep people healthy, while lowering costs.

Affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School, HDI continues to evolve towards becoming a national hub for creating innovative healthcare solutions, in a living laboratory – a central place where WPI and its partners come together to co-create, realize, and demonstrate real-world solutions.

The outcomes lead to new products, tools, and processes. Through WPI’s practical healthcare research, project-based education, and degree and professional education programs, new expertise and experts are developed to address the global challenge of healthcare delivery.

Major Areas of Research Expertise Include

  • healthcare systems engineering and modeling
  • healthcare informatics and data analytics
  • digital health (mobile/wireless health; telehealth; healthcare IT)
  • robotics in healthcare (surgical, rehabilitative, and assistive)
  • medical devices (biomedical engineering and medical technology)
  • disease management

The unique aspect of this collaborative Institute is its holistic approach to innovation. The faculty and students always think about the marketability, implementation, profitability, and life cycle of any concept, product, or process. This approach is highly valuable to us at Xerox.

Denise Fletcher
Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, Healthcare Payer & Pharma, Xerox