Diane M. Strong

Professor of Management Information Systems, WPI School of Business

Washburn Shops, 205
Phone: 1-508-831-5573

Areas of expertise

  • Advancing information technologies, such as enterprise systems and electronic health records systems for use in healthcare organizations
  • Examining how systems contribute to the structuring of work and work flows and the integration of data and work across organizational boundaries
  • Studying the changing roles of individuals in organizations and the need for exception handling and workarounds as healthcare organizations seek to fit packaged systems to organizational needs.

Interest areas in healthcare

  • Mobile healthcare applications that give immediate feedback to users to improve health
  • Data analytics and mining used to extract actionable insights in real time to deliver immediate interventions when patients may be at risk
  • Management information system quality issues, with primary focus on data and information quality
  • How healthcare organizations can best use computing technologies, such as database systems, electronic health records systems, and enterprise systems.

Current healthcare projects

  • Designing a diabetes smart phone application that would integrate wirelessly with a personal glucose meter and scale, track and archive blood sugar levels and weight, and use the phone's camera to capture and analyze images of lesions known as foot ulcers.
  • Studying how healthcare providers can use electronic health records systems to improve the quality of, and access to, healthcare while also reducing costs.

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