New Books by WPI Faculty

“Dearest Georg”: Love, Literature, and Power in Dark Times; The Letters of Elias, Veza, and Georges Canetti, 1933–1948

Translated by David Dollenmayer
Other Press, 2010

Translated by Dollenmayer, professor of German, the letters of Elias Canetti provide an intimate look at the formative years spanning the major part of his struggle for literary recognition, from 1933, before the publication of his novel Auto-da-Fé, to 1959, when he finished his monumental Crowds and Power.


The Development of University-based Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Global Practices

Edited by Michael Fetters, Patricia Greene, Mark Rice, and John Sibley Butler
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010

University-based entrepreneurship ecosystems provide a supportive context in which entrepreneurship and innovation can thrive. This volume, co-edited by Rice, dean of WPI’s School of Business, provides critical insight into how to frame, design, launch, and sustain entrepreneurship efforts.


Entrepreneurial Family Firms

Frank Hoy and Pramodita Sharma
Prentice Hall, 2010

Hoy, Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and co-author Sharma cover the intricate dynamics of family business management and show how to handle a variety of situations and how to successfully launch, join, or lead entrepreneurial ventures when family is involved.


Handbook of Educational Data Mining

Edited by Cristobal Romero, Sebastian Ventura, Mykola Pechenizkiy, and Ryan Baker
CRC Press, 2010

Baker, assistant professor of social science and policy studies, and his co-editors survey the current state of knowledge in educational data mining and explore essential techniques and applications. It is designed to be equally useful to newcomers to the community and to active researchers.


Henry James’ Narrative Technique: Consciousness, Perception, and Cognition

Kristin Boudreau
Palgrave Macmillan, 2010

Humanities and Arts Department head Boudreau considers the works of Henry James in the context of 19th-century thought on consciousness, perception, and cognition and argues that these philosophical discussions influenced his depictions of consciousness and are integral to his narrative techniques.


Homogenization Methods for Multiscale Mechanics

Chiang C. Mei and Bogdan Vernescu
World Scientific, 2010

In many physical problems, several scales are present in space or time due to inhomogeneity of the medium or complexity of the mechanical process. This book, co-authored by Mathematical Sciences Department head Vernescu, explores the theory of homogenization for treating non-homogeneous media.


Interactive Data Visualization: Foundations, Techniques, and Applications

Matthew Ward, Georges Grinstein, Daniel Keim
A.K. Peters, Ltd., 2010

Ward, professor of computer science, and his co-authors wrote this textbook for students, researchers, analysts, and professionals who want to understand the process of representing data, information, and knowledge in a visual form to support exploration, confirmation, presentation, and understanding.


The Novels of María de Zayas (1590–1650): The Supernatural and the Occult in Spanish Women’s Literature of the Seventeenth Century

Ingrid E. Matos-Nin
Edwin Mellen Press, 2010

In this work, Matos-Nin, administrator of Hispanic studies activities, examines the concept of women and the supernatural in 17th century Spain and explores the sources used by María de Zayas to present some of her perceptions about the devil, evil, men, honor, and love in relationship to the supernatural.


Outcasts: The Penikese Island Leper Hospital

Eve Rifkah
Little Pear Press, 2010

Between 1905 and 1921, a group of outcasts lived together on a small island off the coast of New Bedford, Mass. They came from many places, united only by the diagnosis of leprosy. In Outcasts, Rifkah, poet and adjunct assistant professor of literature, tells their long-forgotten story.


Patient-Centered E-Health

Edited by E. Vance Wilson
IGI Global, 2009

Edited by Wilson, visiting associate professor of management information systems, the volume addresses the special characteristics of the e-health domain through a user-centered design. It explores an emerging form of e-health that is patient-focused, patient-active, and patient-empowered.


Religion and the Environment

Edited by Roger Gottlieb
Routledge, 2010

This four-volume work edited by Gottlieb, professor of religion, is a comprehensive survey of a new form of religiously motivated social action and a new field of academic study, both based on the growing recognition of the connections between religion and humanity’s treatment of the environment.


Zakary’s Zombies: A Fairy Tale

James Dempsey
Aracne Editrice, 2010

This novel by Dempsey, administrator of literary studies, tells the story of Zakary, who as a developmentally damaged young adult discovers two friendly zombies living in his basement. Fellow novelist Jack O’Connor calls it “a fearless ride of a story about identity, fate, free will, family, and love.”