New Books by WPI Faculty

The Bravo: A Venetian Story

James Fenimore Cooper; edited by Lance Schachterle and James A. Sappenfield
AMS Press, 2012

Meticulously co-edited by Schachterle, professor of English and editor-in-chief of The Writings of James Fenimore Cooper, this edition of Cooper’s portrayal of a Venice rife with deceit and cruelty has received the seal of the Committee on Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association.

Critical Theory and Animal Liberation

Edited by John Sanbonmatsu
Rowman & Littlefield, 2011

Edited by Sanbonmatsu, associate professor of philosophy, the book highlights connections between our everyday treatment of animals and other forms of social power, mass violence, and domination — from capitalism and patriarchy to genocide, fascism, and ecocide.

Daisy Miller

Henry James; edited by Kristin Boudreau and Megan Stoner Morgan
Broadview Press, 2010

This classroom edition of James’s best-known novella was co-edited by Boudreau, professor of English and head of the Department of Humanities and Arts, who wrote the authoritative introduction that provides biographical, literary, historical, philosophical — even medical — context for the book.

Engaging Voices: Tales of Morality and Meaning in an Age of Global Warming

Roger S. Gottlieb
Baylor University Press, 2011

Our ecological dilemmas provoke powerful emotions, deeply contested views, and questions like “how can we live together when we cannot listen to people who think differently?” In this lively book, Gottlieb, professor of philosophy, explores such questions in a collection of philosophical short stories.

Handbook on Data Envelopment Analysis, 2nd Edition

Edited by William W. Cooper, Lawrence M. Seiford, and Joe Zhu
Springer, 2011

Co-edited by three of the most prominent researchers in the field, including Zhu, professor in WPI’s School of Business, the book provides an up-to-date overview of research in data envelopment analysis, a method for measuring and evaluating the performance of businesses and operations.

Machine Design: An Integrated Approach, 4th Edition

Robert L. Norton
Prentice Hall, 2010

This textbook by Norton, Milton Prince Higgins II Professor of Mechanical Engineering, explores the commonality of the analytical approaches needed to design a wide variety of elements and emphasizes the use of computer-aided engineering for the design and analysis of these classes of problems.

The Malthusian Moment: Global Population Growth and the Birth of American Environmentalism

Thomas Robertson
Rutgers University Press, 2010

Robertson, assistant professor of history, locates the origins of modern American environmentalism in 21st century adaptations of Thomas Malthus’s concerns about population growth, and sheds new light on some of the big stories of postwar American life, including the civil rights and women’s movements.

Phenomenology of Polymer Solution Dynamics

George D. J. Phillies
Cambridge University Press, 2011

The book by Phillies, professor of physics, presents a new approach to examining how polymers move in non-dilute solution. Focusing on experimental results, it discusses every significant experimental method in considerable detail, providing unprecedented coverage of the field.

Power Definitions and the Physical Mechanism of Power Flow

Alexander Emanuel
Wiley, 2010

In this highly accessible guide, Emanuel, professor of electrical and computer engineering, compares and explains the basic concepts of two seminal power standards (IEEE 1459 and DIN 40110-2:2002-11), as he also provides a critical analysis of the most important and recent theories pertaining to the standards.

Regenerating the Heart

Edited by Ira S. Cohen and Glenn R. Gaudette
Humana Press, 2011

Co-edited by Gaudette, associate professor of biomedical engineering, the book — for clinicians, investigators, and graduate students — provides a comprehensive look at the science and application of cellular therapies aimed at the leading cause of death — heart disease.

Shaping Our World: Engineering Education for the 21st Century

Edited by Gretar Tryggvason and Diran Apelian
Wiley, 2011

Edited by Apelian, Howmet Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Tryggvason, former head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the book focuses on WPI’s long history of experimentation in engineering education, emphasizing the transferability of its approach.

The Superfun Adventures of Jax

Britt Snyder
Markosia Enterprises, 2011

Written and illustrated by Snyder, professor of practice in Interactive Media & Game Development, the graphic novel tells the story of Jax and Ash, two carefree friends who embark on a dangerous journey to discover the cause of a recent surge of mechanical creatures known only as “The Mechs.”

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