Adding an Image

This tutorial demonstrates how to add an image using the 'Text with Image' template. 

Step 1

Click on the OpenPage RedDot labeled 'edit the text with image'.

Step 2

Click the Edit RedDot labeled 'edit the image.'

Step 3

A new window appears. Click the 'Switch Folder' link. This window only appears while you are adding a picture to an area without a picture. However, if you want to switch the current picture to another one, you can skip it and go to step 3.1 directly.

Step 3.1

If changing an exisiting image, the following dialog box appears. Click the green pencil button to select a different image from the image folder. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Select the appropriate group from the folder list. 

Step 5

Click the image file name text below the thumbnail then click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box. The image is now added.

To upload an image from your desktop or a shared drive, click the 'Select asset from local file system' link.

Step 5.1

Click the 'Browse' button. 

Step 5.2

Select the image file then click Open.

Step 5.3

The path and file name appears. Click the OK button. The image is now added to the page. 

Step 5.4

If a file already exists with that name a window appears with three options.

  1. Create new version
    Overwrites the current file with that name. Use this option if updating a file with a newer version.
  2. Proposed file name: filename(1).pdf 
    Is the default selection but should not be used since special characters should never be used within file names.
  3. Rename file:
    This option is recommended if the file being uploaded is different from the file currently in the CMS.

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