Adding Text

This tutorial demonstrates adding text to a page.

Step 1

Click the OpenPage RedDot labeled 'edit the text.'

Step 2

There are two ways to add text.

  • To use the Text Editor, click the Edit RedDot labeled 'edit text.'
  • Or, to use DirectEdit press and hold the CTRL key and click the Edit RedDot labeled 'edit text.'
  • To see the difference of the two methods, please go to step 3 and 4.

Step 3 - DirectEdit

A red border appears around the text block indicating where text can be entered. This method of adding text permits simple formatting such as bold or italics and other keyboard shortcuts such as:

  • Bold = CTRL+B
  • Italics = CTRL+I
  • Cut = CTRL+X
  • Copy = CTRL+C
  • Paste = CTRL+V

After typing the content, select the part that you want to change and use the shortcuts to change it.

To save changes, click the SaveElement RedDot labeled 'edit text' when complete.

Step 3 - Text Editor

A separate window opens.  View the "Using the Text Editor" tutorials for more information.

Click the Save and Close button when complete.


If the text editor window does not open, make sure a pop-up blocker is not preventing the window from opening. Contact the Helpdesk for more information at 508-831-5888 or send email to

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