Creating a PDF from a Word File

Save as option

Step 1

Open Word document that you need to convert into a pdf file.

Step 2

Then click on “Save As” – the view the options in the drop down…  There is one option to save file as a “pdf”.

Print to a pdf option

A second option to save as a pdf – you can  Print your document as a pdf as well…

Step 1

Click on "File", then click on “Print” .  An option to choose several different printers appear.  Click on the drop down feature for choosing what printer .  Then click on Adobe PDF:

Click “okay

Step 2

Then name the file and place it in your local storage area:

Click "Save"  Your done... the new Adobe file appears.  You can just exit out the pdf...  then take the next initiative to load that pdf up to your site.

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