Creating a Faculty Page

Before the Faculty Page can be created, it is necessary to gather all the needed information. This is best done using the Faculty Update Form. Make sure you have the professor's faculty code.  You can obtain that from Chuck Kornik's office if you don't know it or have it.

Once you have all the information then go to your department's faculty listing page.

To add a new faculty

Please enter a help desk ticket at  The template for this option is temporarily down and all new entries must be made by the web team.

To enter Publications

Click on "edit Publications" located under Recent Publication headline. 

When another window comes up , click on "Create and Connect Page". When you are asked to enter headline, enter the title of the publication. Then click "OK".

Three RedDots should appear underneath the publication: "edit publication", "edit publication date", and "edit publication type".

The "edit publication" RedDot

Here you can enter the text for the publication.

The "edit publication date" RedDot

This will bring up a new window with a calendar that allows you to select the date of the publication.

The date that you enter here will determine the order of publication. The most recent date will show up first on the list under the "Recent Publication" section. If you want the publications to show up in particular order, please enter the date accordingly.

The "edit publication type" RedDot

This will bring up a new window where you can select the type of publication.

Each publication has to be created separately. Please note that only 5 publications will be displayed on the main page. You will not see any more reddot being created on the main page after 5 publications. If you are adding more than five publications, please click on "View detailed list" to continue editing.

Click on "Open Page for Editing". You will see three reddot again for each publication and you can continue editing them from here. If you need to add more, please go back to main page and click "edit Publications" and follow the above steps again.

The last step is to make sure  the keywords are attached to the faculty member's page.  This is important so that we can make sure it gets pulled in correctly on the faculty listing table.

Click on the "keywords" menu at the top of the page:

Make sure the appropriate keywords are there. It should look like the following image with the appropriate department. If it is empty, click on the green plus button to add keywords.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are removing a faculty member from your listing, you must first remove the keywords associated with their page first before removing them from the table.

If you have questions on this, please don't hesitate to contact the CMS Administrator.

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