Content Area

Area in a webpage to which content templates are added. In a RedDot CMS the content area area between the 'edit page structure' OpenPage RedDots.

Content Template

Templates used to add content to a page in a certain structure. For example the text template is used when just text is being added to a webpage. A text with image template is used to add text with an image which can be right, left or center justified.


Always in the form of 'name.html'. The filename for a webpage must follow the WPI File Naming Guidelines. In RedDot CMS the filename for a webpage can be found at the top right hand side of the webpage in the Page Info box.


Is the first webpage or introductory webpage for a Web site. For example '' is the homepage for the WPI Web site, and '' is the homepage for the CMS Portal Web site.


The menu consists of links located on the left hand side of a webpage. These links are used to navigate from one webpage to another in a Web site.


In RedDot CMS a page can be a number of things, it is the building block from which templates are created. Templates can contain multiple pages yet look like one item. For example the table template is considered a page, but each row in the table is also a page. This definition of a page is specific to RedDot CMS.

Page ID

RedDot CMS unique page identifying number.

Page Info

Page Information Box is found on the top right of a webpage while viewed in RedDot CMS. It contains the page id and the filename for the webpage.

Sub-Level Menu Item

The menu items found on the left hand side of a webpage, below a Top Level Menu item. They can be second, third etc. level menu items.

Top Level Menu Item

The menu items found on the left hand side of a webpage.


A document on the World Wide that can be accesed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer. The filename for this type of document ends in .html. A webpage is the building block of a Web site.


Is made up of a number of webpages which have related information.

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