Using CMS with Internet Explorer 9

In order to use the CMS in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), there are several steps that must be taken so pages display properly in the CMS and on the live site.

Checking Internet Explorer Version

Step 1

To check the version of Internet Explorer running on your computer, click on the Tools icon on the top right of the browser (image of a small gear). A menu will appear. Select “About Internet Explorer” from this menu.

Step 2

The new window that appears gives information about Internet Explorer. If the version number begins with ‘9’, then you should follow the below steps for IE9 use. If the version number begins with a number less than 9, then you may continue using CMS without making any changes to how you do so.

Using CMS in IE9

Step 1

When you first sign in to the CMS , you will notice that the SmartEdit window has all the content that should be on the page, but is missing all the styles and formatting.

Step 2

In order to have the styles and formatting display correctly in SmartEdit, you must turn on Compatibility Mode. To do this, locate the Compatibility View icon on the address bar of Internet Explorer (image of a small ripped page). Click on this icon.

Step 3

The page will refresh and display properly in the CMS.

Note: CMS may reload to the homepage of SmartEdit. If this happens simply navigate back to the page you are editing.

Step 4

When you are finished editing the pages and want to view them on the live site (i.e. not in CMS) then you must turn off Compatibility View so the styles display properly.  To turn Compatibility View off, click on the Compatibility View icon again. The page will refresh and display properly.

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