New Design Tutorials

The following are tutorials on using RedDot CMS with the new WPI site design. When reading through the tutorials you will find links to general information in italics which are provided for users to familiarize themselves with RedDot CMS nomenclature as well as the structure of a RedDot CMS webpages.

Again, the following tutorials are for the NEW design templates. Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the CMS Administrator, extension 6026.

Please note the following new modules are for the new design template pages. To ensure the quality of the our web pages throughout the WPI website, we ask that you follow the set standards on the proper placement of each module and where they must be located within your pages, as well as the correct ordering. Please review module locations standards here.

  • Creating a pdf from a word document
    It is strongly recommended to have all files linked to within your site only be pdf's. Therefore all word documents must be converted over to PDF files.
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Module Standards (Usage)

Please note that as new content modules (blocks) are created for your use on your pages, proper placement of these modules will ensure the best quality of representing our pages throughout the university's site.  Any questions regarding this standards, please don't hesitate to contact the Content Management's System Administrator, ext. 6026.