Setting a Filename

A filename on the web is how you access a webpage.  This is what is displayed in the address bar.  Most sites in the CMS are set up so that each main menu item has it's own directory within the site.  All subpages fall under the same directory.  When entering filenames only enter the filename and not the directory structure.

Step 1

Click on the 'edit page structure' button above the page header.

Step 2

Next you want to click the 'Edit Filename' button.


If the filename is index.html do not change it.  This is a special filename on the web and can break your site if it isn't there.  Also don't rename another page index.html.  Only the Marketing and Communications Department can name a page index.html.

Step 3

In the dialog box that appears under the label 'File Name' enter the file name for your page making sure it ends in .html. For more information on file name policies visit the Policies and Guidelines section.

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