Content Management Systems have only been on the market for a few years now and are raidly evolving.  Each year the applications are improving their performance and enhancements.  Our CMS system is a very complex and customized application.  However, there are a few issues or workarounds with this complex system and we would like to share these issues with you.   Below are a listed few known issues with the CMS system that we have found some helpful workarounds.

Receiving a "Refusing to Upload file" Error

If you click the Upload button twice when trying to upload a file to the asset manager, you will receive the following error message:

To avoid this error, be sure to click the Upload button only once during an upload.

After choosing "Select File from Local File System" to upload a file, you will be prompted to "Browse" and choose a file from your computer. Having chosen a file, you will see this screen, where you should choose to "Upload":









After clicking "Upload" on this screen, you will see the size of the window change to the following:

DO NOT click "Upload" again, as the system is processing your request. You will be prompted to choose an Asset folder for the file shortly.

Another means to avoiding this problem is to upload your file directly to the Asset Manager, by choosing "Select Asset" instead of "Select File from Local File System" when prompted to upload a file, and following the directions here.

Browser Issues

The Reddot CMS application is a customized application built using a web browser. Just as in web development, there are cross browser issues where styles may appear differently from browser to browser. This is known throughout the internet industry. Reddot CMS application was built mostly for IE browsers users, however you may use a different browser such as Firefox, Safari, etc. It is strongly recommended however, that most users use IE browser. Here are a few known browser issues and workarounds:

Active-X Control needs to be installed

With this content management system there are a few components that need to be installed locally on your machine. There are some active-x controls that are needed in order to run the text editor. If you see a yellow warning box at the top of your screen asking you to install the active-x control, hit "run". You will have to hit run or install several times in order for this to complete the installation of this component. You may also need to change the security of your machine to a "medium level", as well as enable these active-x controls to run on your machine. These settings are listed in the attached document.

If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact the CMS team to help walk you through this process.

Firefox Issues

  • If you use SmartTree - that option is not available through this browser.
  • Firefox prevents pop-ups - you may need to allow pop-ups to allow the text editor to open correctly.
  • You can not add hyperlink to files or pages within the editor - the browser causes the text editor to go blank.
  • Your page layout will appear different than IE. Some of the style designs are not picked up in CMS application. See attached sample.

Safari Issues

  • If you use SmartTree - that option is not available through this browser

Internet Explorer 9 Issues

  • The Reddot system is not currently supported by IE9 and should not be run in this browser. See Internet Explorer 8 issues if you are having any other IE problems.

Content Management System down

Occassionally the Content Management application can crash down due to either network issues, server crashes or the database server that hosts the content fails. If you see the following errors, and the CMS System is not listed on the portal home page stating the system is down, then please contact the CMS Administrator at extension 6026 to notify them that the system appears to be down.

Internet Explorer 8 issues

If your computer was recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, you must switch to "Compatibility View" to be able to save your content in the text editor. Users can just click the "Tools" option and "Compatibility View" is the fourth option in the drop down list.

Or it can be easily set by clicking on the Compatibility View button located at the top bar within their IE 8 browser.

Reddot installation instructions for Windows 7 users

When you first login into CMS, there are some active x components that need to be installed to run the systems text editor. If you receive a big RED X while trying to use the text editor, couple of setting on the PC's themselves have to be changed within the IE. Please follow the instruction on Reddot Installation.

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