Adding a Video

This tutorial demonstrates how to embed a streaming video in CMS.

Step 1

Before the video can be setup, it is necessary to have the video hosted on WPI's media server. To have your video hosted on the server, please contact James Monaco, the Multimedia Production Coordinator, at

Step 2

Once the video is hosted and you have the URL, you can embed the video in CMS. To do this, navigate to the page where you want the video to be. Click on the "edit page structure" RedDot. Then click on the "add/order center templates" RedDot.

Step 3

A new window should open with several options. Select "Create and Connect Page". By default, the page will load the "Content" group. Select the "SpecialPages" group instead. The List of Content Classes will be displayed below. Select the "streaming_video" class.

Step 4

After selecting the "streaming_video" class, enter the headline and click OK. Once the page loads, you should see the video template.

Step 5

Click on the "Edit Location" RedDot. This will bring up a new window. Select "Assign URL" from the list of options. Enter the URL for the video and click OK.

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