Submit to Workflow

This tutorial covers submitting page edits to workflow to be reviewed and published. If you need to set up a workflow for your site with editors and approvers, please download the content management system authorization form and return it to Marketing & Communications.

Step 1

Click the 'Tasks' button in the top horizontal menu.

Step 2

Click the link labeled 'English XX' where xx is the number of pages to be submitted.

Step 3

To the bottom of each page detail there can be up to four buttons: Edit Mode, Page Preview, Compare, and Form Mode.  NOTE: This 'Submit Page' button is used to submit that specific page, to do this you must right click on the item in the listng to submit the item to the workflow. For new content, only the 'Submit Page' and 'Page Preview.'

Step 4.1 - Preview in Redlining Mode

'Preview in Redlining Mode' displays deleted portions of the page in red and added portions in green.

Step 4.2 - Preview

Click the button labeled 'Preview' to view the page in a separate browser window as it would appear when published. Some images and banners will not display properly in the preview mode but will publish properly.  

Step 4.3 - Submit to Workflow

Right click on the item in the list to  see the option to 'Submit to Workflow' after proofreading the page. Once submitted to workflow, the page no longer appears in the task list under 'Pages Saved as Draft.' An e-mail is sent to alert the approver that a page is waiting to be released. See the tutorial 'Approving Pages in Workflow' for more information.

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