Regi 25

Scientific/Engineering Software Applications Data Analysis with Matlab (intermediate to advanced level)

It is assumed that the student has been exposed to basic commands of Matlab, including those presented in Lectures 1 and 2 and knows how to work with matrices and how to write a function

1. Preparing Data for Analysis 1.1 Importing and Exporting Data 1.2 Plotting Data 1.3 Removing and Interpolating Missing Data 1.4 Removing Outliers 1.5 Filtering Data 1.6 Descriptive Statistics (review of the material covered in Lecture 2)
2. Data Fitting 2.1 Polynomial curve fitting: polyfit 2.2 Minimization: fminsearch, fmincon (Optimization Toolbox) 2.3 Nonlinear fitting: nlinfit(Statistics Toolbox)
(Fourier Analysis was covered in Lecture 2). INSTRUCTOR: Adriana Hera

This course is intended for: Alumni, Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff, Undergraduate Students

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