Regi 25

Scientific/Engineering Software Applications Introduction to GAMBIT/FLUENT

INSTRUCTOR: Adriana Hera,
This hand-on session is based on the assumption that the student is not familiar with Gambit/Fluent. The training session illustrates how to use Gambit/Fluent to find the flow field, using a 2D flow problem. The following topics are covered:

A. Gambit:

  • Start Gambit
  • Create Geometry
  • Mesh Geometry
  • Specify Boundary Types
  • Export Mesh
B. Fluent
  • Start Fluent
  • Set-up the Problem (Grid, Models, Materials, Boundary Conditions)
  • Solve the Problem
  • Analyze Results

This course is intended for: Administrators, Alumni, Faculty, Graduate Students, Staff, Undergraduate Students

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