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The ATC's Teaching with Technology Collaboratory keeps faculty and staff up-to-date with news about using technology for teaching and learning, including links to articles about new technologies, professional development opportunities outside WPI, and updates to the Collaboratory web site. We also offer several professional development events for faculty and staff during the academic year, aimed at informing the WPI community about using technology for teaching and learning.

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The Technology for Teaching and Learning team is a part of the Office of Information Technology. The team provides faculty, staff, and students with educational uses of technology and training needs.


WPI Learning Object Repository

Learning objects are small digital chunks of learning content that are self-contained and reusable. They are often used in education to supplement course materials and to demonstrate concepts that are difficult for students to grasp with traditional teaching methods.

The learning objects in this collection were developed by WPI faculty members and are available for public use. We hope that you find these learning objects useful in your teaching and learning endeavors!

Biomedical Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Computer Science

  • The principle of mathematical induction.
  • The principle of mathematical induction being used to show that the natural numbers are infinite.

Mathematical Sciences

  • Law of large numbers
  • Probability density function
  • Relative frequency interpretation of probability using coin flips
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Binomial, Normal, and Poisson distributions
  • An application of probability to video gaming



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