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Converting a Print Document into a PDF File Using the PDF Scanner


These instructions are for use of the PDF scanner in Fuller Labs, Room B24.

Benefits of Using the PDF Scanner:

Using the PDF Scanner

  1. Lay the document you wish to create as a PDF face up on the tray (not on the glass flatbed - that is for scanning images).
  2. On the display panel, you will see three options:
    • Describe Original
    • Copy Settings
    • Email
    You may move between these options, and their respective menus, using the control pad, located just to the right of the display panel. The blue-green checkmark button functions as the Select key:

    The default settings on the PDF scanner are set for a standard letter-sized, black & white PDF file to be created from mixed-media (text and image content). You may adjust these settings by accessing the different options:
    • Describe Original allows you to adjust...
      • Size (letter, legal, etc.)
      • Sides (one-sided or two-sided document)
      • Content (Text, Image/Photo, Mixed-media)
    • Copy Settings allows you to adjust the copy machine functions of the PDF scanner. This option is not relevant to the creation of a PDF document.
    • Email allows you to define the From, To, Cc, and Subject fields as you would when sending any e-mail. There is also a Settings button which enables you to change...
      • Color (black & white or color)
      • File Type (PDF, TIFF, MTIFF, JPEG)


    The PDF scanner searches by e-mail address, not by name, so you will need to know the email address of the recipient you wish to receive the PDF file.

  3. Once you have entered the settings, press the large blue-green button labeled Start to begin the PDF process.


All settings may be returned to the default by pressing the Reset button, located just above the Start button.

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