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Producing a Narrated Camtasia File


After you have recorded your base material you are ready to save and produce your final product. If you have yet recorded, refer to Recording a Narrated Camtasia File

Opening your .Camrec recording file

  1. On your PC, select the Start menu and then All Programs > Camtasia Studio 6 > Applications > Camtasia Studio.
  2. Click the Import Media button on the Camtasia Studio tool bar.
  3. Browse to locate your .camrec file then click Open.
  4. Your clip appears in the Clip Bin.
  5. To Edit or Produce a clip from your Clip Bin, click on the clip in the Clip bin and drag it onto the timeline below.
  6. Select your editing dimensions from the drop down menu and press OK.

Producing Your Video

  1. From the Camtasia bool bar, click Produce and Share.
  2. The Production Wizard will walk you through the process of producing your video. The settings below are suggested for videos that will be housed on WPI's streaming media server. If you would like to discuss which settings would be most appropriate for your application please email us at
    1. Welcome to the Camtasia Studio Production Wizard screen - Select Custom Production Settings from the drop down menu.
    2. How would you like to produce your video? screen - Select WMV for Windows Media Video and click Next.
    3. Windows Media Encoding Options screen - The default production details are usually fine for screencapture productions. Click Next on this screen to advance to the next.
    4. Video Size screen - Select Largest Video Size and click Next.
    5. Video Options screen - Uncheck the box next to Embed Video into HTML and click Next.
    6. Click Next again, you do not need to make any changes on the Marker Options screen.
    7. When you get to the Produce Video screen in the Wizard, uncheck the box next to Organize produced files into sub-folders.
    8. Name your file below Production Name and browse for a location where you would like to save it.
    9. Your video will now produce. When it is finished, it will play automatically in Windows Media Player.

If you need assistance with producing your video, contact

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