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Adding an External Link (URL)

To add an External Link(URL) to a Content Area, Folder or Learning Unit

  1. Go to the Control Panel view of the folder or content area you want to add a URL to.
  2. Choose the External Link button.
  3. The Add External Link page appears with four sections.


Another way to add an external link is to click directly on the desired content area from the menu. Click Edit View in the top right of your screen to give you the same view you would get by going through the Control Panel. You can then select the External Link button from the toolbar.

Section 1: External Link Information

  1. Give the URL a title in the Name field.
  2. Type in the full web address in the URL field.(URL's must start with http://...)
  3. In the Text field, add a description, if desired.

Section 2: Content (Optional)

  1. Files can be attached to an External Link as they would to an Item.

Section 3: Options

The following options can also be added to external Links. If you want to post the link directly with no extra options, skip to Section 4 to finish adding the External Link.

  1. Make the content available allows you to control whether or not students can see the link.
  2. Open in new window opens the linked page in a new window instead of inside the myWPI frame. This makes it easy for student to close the linked page and then close it to return to the myWPI course site.
  3. Track number of views allows you to track the number of student views.
  4. Choose date and time restrictions allows you to restrict visibility of the link to specific dates.

Section 4: Submit

  1. Click Submit to add the URL.
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