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Adding a TA, PLA, or Co-instructor

TA's, PLA's or Co-Instructors can be specified on the Course Activation Form when requesting a course.

For a co-instructor to have full Instructor access, and to be listed as an Instructor in myWPI, he or she must be listed as the Instructor of Record in Banner. This must be done through the Office of the Registrar.

For existing courses, access can be given for a teaching assistant, peer-learning assistant, reference librarian or other course staff that serve similar roles. To do this, an e-mail from the Instructor of Record is required. The e-mail should be sent to the myWPI help team at with the name and WPI e-mail address of the person(s) that needs to be added, what level of access they need, and the course number they need access to. The following table summarizes the access levels and privileges.

Course Role Privileges
Instructor User is able to control all aspects of the course through the Course Control Panel.
Teacher's Assistant User is able to control nearly all aspects of the course through the Course Control Panel, except for Course Cartridge Import features.
Course Builder User is able to add content to the course through the Content areas, access Course Tools, and create Tests, Surveys and Question Pools from the Course Control Panel. Course Builders can see all of the Control Panel except for the Grade Center, Course Statistics and Course Cartridge Import features.
Grader User is able to access all areas under Assessments. (i.e. Quizzes, Surveys, Grade Center) Graders can also access Announcements, Course Calendar, Collaboration (Virtual Classroom/Chat) and the Digital Drop Box.
Student User is able to access all Course Content, Assessments, Communication Areas, and Tools that are available to students. A student can only see his or her own grades in the Online Grade Center. Students have no Control Panel access.
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